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Full WEEE recycling service for FREE

Specialist Hard Drive Wiping Service for FREE

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Computer Services

Local & Cloud Backup Services

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ISO Data Solutions Limited is a provider of many services to small to medium businesses that would ordinarily require a member of staff in your business to carry out.  With over thirty years experience, we can provide a efficient and professional service to your company without the need to employ a full time person to carry out those tasks, whether that be with your IT requirements or administration.

WEEE Recycling Services

IDSL offer free full WEEE recycling (Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment) to your company. Just gift the units to us and we will replace them with a WEEE certificate to show that you have disposed of the items according to UK law.

Hard Drive Wiping Service

IDSL offer free Hard Drive Wiping to businesses and individuals that exceed those specified under GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations). As with the WEEE service, all you do is gift the hard drive to us and we will supply you with a GDPR compliant certificate to confirm compliance with data regulations. Its not just a part or half wipe, it is a proper “FF” wipe to make recovering the data TOTALLY impossible.

Web Services

IDSL offer full web and hosting services for both internet and email. Don’t be put off by being quoted thousands of pounds for a website that you may not require, especially if you are a small business. We will create a custom or templated website ourselves or to your specification and will leave the administration up to you, or do everything for you each year for updates and renewals.
We can also host your services on our cloud servers or use your choice of provider as you see fit.
The beauty of our web service is that we will not try to strongarm you into buying a something you don’t need.  We will use our expertise to advise you and the decision will be up to you.

Computer Services

IDSL offer a comprehensive portfolio of services for your IT requirements.  Whether you require off site management of your computers (Managed Services) or Break Fix (when a computer breaks down) we can help you.
We also offer a programming service for Spreadsheet or Database design.  Fully trained in Microsoft Database for Applications (DBA) and expert level in all of the Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, Access, Publisher, Outlook & Powerpoint) going back to the “old days” of Windows 95 we can custom build your document or application to suit your needs on either a one shot service or a software licensing agreement with monthly/quarterly payments and maintenance.

Backup Services

Are you fully insurance covered for your data?  If you aren’t backing up in-house and off-premises then chances are you aren’t covered under your business insurance.
We can offer both services as well as Cloud Backup with our own software that integrates with Windows and MacOS.  Customisable to include historical backups for as many years as you require with backups taken up to the minute as needed by your business with full version restore facilities.

ISO:9001 Accreditation

More and more companies are needing ISO:9001 approval when gaining new contracts, but sometimes the costs of setting everything up and getting approval can be a real problem to a smaller business.  Take the strain off and lean on ISDL to do anything from initial ISO approval to renewals and certification.